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Call 911
A true emergency is when you believe a severe injury or illness is threatening your child's life or may cause permanent harm. This may include, but is not limited to, a child who is unresponsive or not normally responsive, is having very labored breathing, or has had a serious injury. If you believe your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

Call the Office
Please call the office during regular business hours to schedule well-child visits or same-day sick appointments, with questions about prescription refills, insurance or billing issues, or questions for your child's regular physician about long-term concerns such as developmental milestones or school problems. THESE ISSUES CANNOT BE ADDRESSED WHEN THE OFFICE IS CLOSED.

Things to know about After Hours Care
Beginning in 2019, the providers at WUCA-Northwest Pediatrics are partnering with pediatric nurses at St. Louis Children’s Hospital to provide outstanding after-hours care. If you need advice about…1) how to care for an illness, 2) whether your child needs to be taken to an emergency department or urgent care facility or can wait for an appointment the next day, or 3) help understanding how to administer over-the-counter or prescription medication…please call our after-hours nurse triage line (314-273-1993). Contact and demographic information for you and your child will be recorded by an exchange operator and you will receive a call back from an experienced pediatric nurse. The most up-to-date triage guidelines will be followed in providing advice on caring for your child or directing them for after-hours evaluation at a recommended Urgent Care or Emergency Department as needed. One of the doctors from our practice is always on call should physician input be required. All information from the call and advice given will be added to your child’s medical chart in our office so we can provide necessary follow-up care.
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